Specialty Massage Services

Sports Massage
A deep tissue massage incorporating stretching and physical therapy for athletes and active clients.

  • 30 Minute Sports Tune Up $50
  • 45 Minutes $70
  • 60 Minutes $85
  • 90 Minutes $115
  • 120 Minutes $160

Prenatal Massage
Client will be on her side during the massage
Therapeutic Benefits: Stress/anxiety relief, muscle tension relief, headache relief, improved circulation, increased joint mobility and flexibility, releases endorphins that work as the body’s natural painkiller, can relieve the discomforts of pregnancy and improve labor outcomes.

  • 30 Minutes  $45
  • 45 Minutes  $65
  • 60 Minutes  $80
  • 75 Minutes $95
  • 90 Minutes  $120

Pediatric Massage
Requires written consent of parent or legal guardian.

  • 30 Minutes (Ages 6-12)  $35
  • 60 Minutes (Ages 12+)  $70

Lomi Lomi Massage
Polynesian massage technique using long, fluid strokes, and light/medium pressure. Draping is done in such a way that the sides of the body are exposed, so that the therapist can move smoothly from head to toe. Good for relaxation.

  • 60 Minutes  $80
  • 90 Minutes $110

Thai Yoga Massage
The therapist moves the body into yoga poses, massaging and gently stretching the limbs. This is a good massage for anyone who is looking to increase their flexibility.   

  • 60 Minutes $90
  • 90 Minutes $120

Bamboo Bliss Massage (currently available with Robin)
A treatment which incorporates a variety of massage strokes designed to address ischemic tissue while promoting  a deep sense of overall well being and relaxation. This treatment utilizes various heated instruments created from the purest form of woods, combined with organic fractionated coconut oil – no aromatherapy is used.

  • 60 Minutes $90
  • 90 Minutes $140

Cranio Sacral
Alternative therapy using light pressure and gentle manipulation of the cranial joints, relieves stress/tension.

  • 30 Minutes $45
  • 60 Minutes $85

Alternative medicine that utilizes pressure points on the hands and feet to relieve pain or discomfort in corresponding areas of the body.

  • 30 Minutes $45
  • 60 Minutes $80

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