Regular Yoga Classes

Pre-registration is strongly encouraged; space is limited.

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Benefits of Yoga Practice

    • Increased flexibility
    • Increased muscle strength and tone
    • Improved respiration, energy and vitality
    • Balanced metabolism
    • Weight reduction
    • Cardio and circulatory health
    • Improved athletic performance
    • Protection from injury

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Class Rates

Regular Drop-in Rate: $8

Senior Instructor Class Drop-in Rate: $10.
Senior instructors are Patti, John, and Rebecca

Lunch Time Iyengar Class Drop-In Rate: $5.

Yoga Points:
Each Yoga Point = $1 to spend on any classes of your choice.
Regular classes cost 8 points; classes with senior instructors cost 10 points.

Yoga Points Packages:

1) 25 Points for $21
2) 50 Points for $41
3) 75 Points for $61
4) 100 Points for $81

Points Packages can only be purchased in store. Points cannot be used to pay for private yoga, specialty enrollments, or workshops.
***Class passes purchased prior to 12/31/2016 will be honored until 6 months after the sale date.***

Description of Classes

Yoga Story Adventures (w/ Ellie)
This imaginative children’s class features movement enrichment with a therapeutic approach for children 3 and older. Classes are designed to help us explore and use our bodies mindfully to increase balance, coordination, and self-control. We develop all our senses through active storytelling, singing, and rhythmic movement.

Yoga Basics (w/ John)
Yoga Basics is geared toward the beginner, but also suitable for students with more experience looking to further develop basic postures. The class moves at a comfortable pace with detailed instruction on alignment, breathwork, and meditation. Props can be used so that students can obtain the ultimate pose benefits, and feel supported in the postures offered. The teacher will provide verbal instruction, demonstration, and individual assistance as needed.

Engage and Unwind (w/ John)
Engage and Unwind is accessible for the yoga beginner, but more experienced students can explore suggested pose modifications for a customizable sensation. Because all are vital to mind/body health, a typical class allocates equal time to stretching, strengthening, balancing, and relaxation. The pace will vary from slow and steady warm-up postures, powerful holds and flows, to deeply-releasing breath work, stretches, and twists. The teacher will provide verbal instruction, demonstration, and individual assistance as needed.

Therapeutic Yoga (w/ Patti)
This class is designed to help bring flexibility, strength and alignment back to the individual who is recovering from illness and or injury. In this class we will work to restore harmony to the body, prana and mind, creating well-being on all levels. This class is perfect for both serious practitioners and sincere beginners.

Meditative Yin Yoga (w/ Ellie)
Take some time to slow down, step away from your week or your high-intensity vinyasa practice, and breathe in the fullest capacity of your mind body with some supported, restorative poses.  Chakra clearing tones, guided meditation within each posture, and good intentions combine to deliver this mini vacation for the soul.

Yin Yang Yoga (w/ Sarah)
This class focuses on balance and the bringing together of breath and body awareness culminating in deep relaxation.

Iyengar Yoga (w/ Sarah)
This all-levels class is centered around a mindful approach to connection with your body. Emphasis on physical alignment, engaging the breath, the use of props and mindful intention offers a well-rounded class with personalized adjustments. Those who are recovering from illness or injury are welcome to join, modifications can be utilized.

Prenatal Yoga (w/ Latasha)
This series is suitable for every stage of pregnancy. We will work with breath (prana) and poses (asana) to assist in releasing pent-up emotions and put you in touch with your intuition and inner power. As your muscles relax and your breathing deepens, you can tune into your body and begin to understand what’s going on inside. This deeper understanding will assist you during birth and into the postpartum period.