Regular Yoga Classes

Pre-registration is strongly encouraged; space is limited.

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Benefits of Yoga Practice

    • Increased flexibility
    • Increased muscle strength and tone
    • Improved respiration, energy and vitality
    • Balanced metabolism
    • Weight reduction
    • Cardio and circulatory health
    • Improved athletic performance
    • Protection from injury

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Class Rates

Regular Drop-in Rate: $8

Senior Instructor Class Drop-in Rate: $10.
Senior instructors are Patti, Laura, Rebecca, and Lawrence

Lunch Time Power Yoga Class Drop-In Rate: $5.

Yoga Points:
Each Yoga Point = $1 to spend on any classes of your choice.
Regular classes cost 8 points; classes with senior instructors cost 10 points.

Yoga Points Packages:

1) 25 Points for $21
2) 50 Points for $41
3) 75 Points for $61
4) 100 Points for $81

Points Packages can only be purchased in store. Points cannot be used to pay for private yoga, specialty enrollments, or workshops.
***Class passes purchased prior to 12/31/2016 will be honored until 6 months after the sale date.***

Description of Classes

Yoga 101 (w/ Sarah)
Yoga 101 is geared toward the beginner, but also suitable for students with more experience looking to further develop basic postures. The class moves at a comfortable pace with detailed instruction on alignment, breathwork, and meditation. Props can be used so that students can obtain the ultimate pose benefits, and feel supported in the postures offered. The teacher will provide verbal instruction, demonstration, and individual assistance as needed.

High Noon Yoga (w/ Jamie)
This 60 minute class meets weekly and is the perfect way to reduce stress and include movement in the middle of the day. This practice is suitable for all levels and may include some deep movement and the occasional sun series.

Therapeutic Yoga (w/ Patti/Treaneva/Annette)
This class is designed to help bring flexibility, strength and alignment back to the individual who is recovering from illness and or injury. In this class we will work to restore harmony to the body, prana and mind, creating well-being on all levels. This class is perfect for both serious practitioners and sincere beginners.

Restorative Yoga (w/ Sarah)
This class focuses on balance and the bringing together of breath and body awareness culminating in deep relaxation.

Half Hour Power Lunchtime Yoga (w/ Sarah)
This all-levels yoga class is designed to get your blood pumping and release those feel-good hormones the rest of the day. Dynamic movement combined with a strong breath are the key components to a stronger you!

Sai Shakti Meditation (w/ Laura)

Join Laura Fickett for gentle movement and mantra meditation. Early registration recommended, but drop-ins welcome.

Wuji Qigong (w/ Lawrence)

About 800 years ago Chang San Feng founded the original Tai Chi Chuan 13 movement form for self defense. He also created a second form called wuji qigong for enlightenment rather than self defense, that was mostly kept secret but was preserved by being passed down through lineage masters.
This secret, easy to learn wuji qigong form is designed to capture the ‘subtle breath’ or chi flow of heaven and earth, and fuse it into the body. gathering chi inward to the core of our being in graceful, beautiful effortless spirals, wuji qigong gradually dissolves the physical body and energy body layers of tension. This class is suitable for all experience levels.