Spa Rentals

About Private Room Rentals

Relax and enjoy the company of your friends and family in the comfort of our private lounge. The lounge can be rented with or without spa services by small groups for parties, showers, and meetings.

Dreaming of something bigger? You and your guests can rent our entire facility for the day!

Our Rental Rates

Hourly Private Room Rentals (3-10 guests)

Hourly rate of: $10 per person.

(i.e. Group of 5 people for 1 hour = 5 x $10 = $50)

Hourly Spa Rentals (up to 30 guests)

Hourly rate of – $150

4 hours – $500

Each additional hour, after the initial 4 hours – $100

Rental Add-Ons

Champagne and Strawberries – $10 per person

Light refreshments – $5-15 per person (options differ upon request)