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“Happiness can only exist in acceptance” – George Orwell


Our virtue for the month of March is Acceptance. It is true that our lives become less stressful when we learn to accept that which we cannot control. At Therapeutic Indulgence we are offering several special appointments and retail items to help you cultivate radical acceptance and understanding.

“I Accept” Relaxation Massage – $75 with Dena or Laura
Enjoy a relaxing 60-minute massage incorporating clary sage, lavender, and cedarwood essential oils.  This massage will not only relax your body but create the perfect environment to find acceptance.

“I Accept” Oil Combination
This oil combination featuring Clary sage, lavender, and cedarwood can be found throughout Therapeutic Indulgence this month.  These oils in combination create the perfect aroma to open yourself up to acceptance.

“I Accept” Epsom Salt Bath
This therapeutic soak is infused with Clary sage, lavender, and cedarwood to help ease sore and tender muscles. A therapeutic soak after a long day is wonderful for creating a new sense of acceptance. Sold exclusively at Therapeutic Indulgence.