Corporate Massage Services


Benefits of Corporate Massage

Chair massage in the workplace is an investment in your business that offers valuable benefits to both employer and employee.
Employees who receive chair massage at work report:


  • Increased stamina and focus
  • Decreased stress and fatigue
  • Relief from chronic pain and soothing of tired and overworked muscles
  • Improved workplace morale and overall job satisfaction
These benefits to employees will directly and positively impact your company’s bottom line. Employers have noted:


  • Increased employee stamina and focus leads to increased employee productivity
  • Decreased employee stress and fatigue leads to fewer sick days and lower health care costs
  • Relief of employees’ chronic pain and soothing of their tired and overworked muscles leads to reduced worker’s compensation claims
  • Improved workplace morale and overall employee job satisfaction leads to lower employee turnover rate

Our Corporate Massage Services

Therapeutic Indulgence offers corporate chair massage services on a contract basis.
  • $90/hour per therapist
  • $35 travel fee will apply for all off-site services. Additional fees may apply for events located more than 10 miles from our spa.
  • Corporations can contract with our therapists to visit your office on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis
  • Invoicing options available